Thai Millionaire Rich From Poker

Thai Millionaire Rich From Poker

Thai Millionaire Rich From Poker

Thai Millionaire Rich From Poker

Thai Millionaire Rich From Poker

Phachara Wongwichit, also known as Tae, is a professional poker player. He has been to Australia and speaks fluent English. And playing poker is legal in Australia. where he was first introduced to poker on TV.

But at first he didn’t know the rules so he practiced playing with his friends. and began to become obsessed and starting from reading books which in Thailand is not yet open And to read books about poker must be in English.

we have a UFABET website that will be able to help you play online poker games in practice from not knowing the rules until you are proficient.

Playing poker is a planning strategy. which after he graduated He also studied poker by himself.

And after that he turned to playing poker as a career.

At first, his family did not approve of these actions. But he had the idea that he would prove to his family that he could earn money from this career.

He practiced playing poker online with friends. From using DEMO money until he became proficient. But even in this game no one can win 100%, everyone has to learn from disappointment.

After that, his family trusted. that he was able to earn a living by playing poker

And he spent 200 AUD to a small casino in the city of Gold Coast and thus he found another world and became a professional poker player.

His goals were even greater as he entered poker tournaments around the world. which is the thing that can earn the most until he succeeded Ever since he spent 10 years in his poker career He has more than 50 million baht , he is truly a successful professional poker player.


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